lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

ALL I NEED TO SAY - Michael W. Smith

Sad goodbye
never quite got said
now the time is gone
we're movin' on
even though it hurts so bad
if i could i'd turn back the days
and i'd love again
to be your friend
in a hundred different ways
but we can't turn back the time
the days


So if i never said
all i needed to say
i'll say it now
you know i loved you once
i love you stronger today
please love find me a way
words i still need to say
but i don't know how
Can't stand still
still i can't move on
lord i need your strength
need you in me
'cause a part of me is gone
in time i will know
what i've yet to see
that through all the pain
you hurt the same
and you're standing here with me
and more than anything it's you i need

AGNUS DEI - Michael W. Smith

Alleluia alleluia
for our lord god almighty reigns
alleluia alleluia
for our load god almighty reigns

Holy holy
are you lord god almighty
worthy is the lamb
worhty is the lamb
you are holy
Are you lord god almighty
worthy is the lamb
worthy is the lamb

ABOVE ALL - Michael W. Smith

Above all powers
above all things
above all nature and all created things
above all wisdom and all the ways of man
you were here before the world began
Above all kingdoms
above all thrones
above all wonders the world has ever known
above all wealth and treasures of the earth
there's no way to measure what you're worth

laid behind the stone
you lived to die
rejected and alone
like a rose trampled on the ground
you took the fall
and thought of me
above all

A WAY - Michael W. Smith

Caught in a dream of where i want to be
wrapped in a web of where i am
i feel a wall between what is and what should be
you find me waiting for a miracle
you hear me praying for a plan
you are the only one prepared to rescue me

then you take away the distance
found between the truth and me
and you give a simple reason to my restless rhyme
whoa, hide me in the heaven
you have held within your hand
and make a way to find a way to soothe my mind
There is a way that might seem right to me
a dim reflection of what's good
just an illusion of the best that i can be
but there's another path you offer me
i wish i always understood
some way you see right through my thoughts
and know my needs

A MATTER OF TIME - Michael W. Smith

If i could, i would tell you why
the first time i saw her i could touch the sky
i turned to stone, and i could not speak
she had the ability to make me weep

Always wishing, always hoping
that she'll get the message from the bottom of my heart
let's together share forever
it's just a matter of time
I had to wait and just let her breathe
that's never been easy for a man to see
she moved slow and she took her time
she kept me guessing what was on her mind

Always wishing, always hoping
that you'd get the message from the bottom of my heart
let's forever be together
it's just a matter of time


I was throwin' away what i needed most
it was the father, son and the holy ghost
a little carnal knowledge is a dangerous thing
it'll eat a hole in the brain
i'd be the biggest fool in the whole universe
to trade a heavenly blessing for a worldly curse
i was a weaker man 'til i made my stand
now i am here to make a change

I'm running blind on the wheels of faith
(i'm) moving to the beat of a heart that prays
(and) hangin' on every word you said
i get a little stronger every day
Ain't ganna find any help on the t.v.
or written down on the pages of people magazine
it takes digging a little deeper into the good book now
for a little sacred advice...oh yah


gettin' strong, a stronger now, every day
gettin' strong, a stronger now, every day
i'm getting stronger
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