martes, 22 de junio de 2010

I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE - Michael W. Smith

I'm in the river that flows from your throne
water of life
water of life
it covers me and i breath again
your love is breath to my soul
I can hear your voice as you sing over me
it's your song of hope breathing life into me
i can feel your touch as i come close to you
and it heals my heart
you restore and renew

I AM SURE - Michael W. Smith

Looking at the future
who can tell you what is going on
it seems we have become the generation
of wars and bombs
and the heart grows weak
and the fear grows strong
that the day may come and it may not be very long
and you want to run
but you don't know where
so where do you go
i know
and i tell you
i am sure there will be a day
but it will not be like the nations say
the lord will come when this life is through
and his deep desire is to be with you
hearts will fly when the new world starts
and joy will rise like the morning star
god will meet every cry of the heart
and it's my prayer
i want you to be there
I like to think about the new creation
things that god will do
so every now and then i stop and close my eyes
i enjoy the view
and the heart grows strong
and the fear grows weak
and i cannot wait for the new world to come to me
and while i dream
oh, i pray for you
'cause he wants you to go
i know
and i tell you


It can be wise
or it can be a paradox
to seek solace in your solitude
and when it feels
like you're living in a box
you need someone who believes in you
a promise true when tried
i'll be right here by your side
so whenever your need be
know that you can lean on me


I'll help you find your way
i'll help you find your way
when you're lost in all the madness
when you're blinded by your doubt
when you need someone to be there for you
i'll help you find your way
Don't keep your thoughts
locked behind your cellar door
all shrouded in a mystery
just let them out
that's what friends are for
to give without giving the "third degree"
no need to be ashamed
i've been thru' it just the same
so when your path misleads
know that you can call on me
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