miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


Haría todo por amarte más,
dejaría todo atrás por seguirte
tomare mi cruz cada día
quiero vivir para ti.

Prefiero estar en tus atrios,
envuelto en tu amor, en tu gloria
mejor es un día en tu presencia
que mil lejos de ti.

Por nada en este mundo me alejare de ti///


I could be like you
i could be alone and jaded
wondering what to do until they say
i could be like you
angry and intoxicated
wondering what to do to make them pay
And will i find a way
can i make them see
and make them all believe you're wrong
your ill intentions dont belong
I hear you talk the talk
but i don't see you walk the walk
and i still don't believe a thing you say


You looked around but it wasn't there
you can't ignore the voice of reason
"you can't be what you want, so you better be what you are"
you fought your way to an inch of freedom
you did your best and they didn't care
you've had your share and you have your reasons
"you can't be what you want, so you better be what you are"
So we begin our story
beleaguered and taken down
everybody wants a piece of what's going on
afraid you'll become dull and boring
in a suit that doesn't fit
everybody wants a piece of what's going on
you can't mean what you said
you're not sorry for a word of it
everybody wants to get ahead
now it's not too late to say you're sorry
You're alright
the compromise
you've backed yourself into a corner
you looked around and it wasn't there
you're such a sucker for superstition
you can't be what you are
so you better be what you want
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