miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

On The March - Hillsong Kids

I straighten up, I stand my ground
I'm in the army of God now
I'm not alone there's many more
We're gonna change the world.

I'm not afraid, How can I be?
My God is here, He's with me
I shine a light a light for you
In everything I do.

We're gonna change the world, We're gonna change the world
The army of God is on the march again
Hey, Hey
We're on the march again.

Have you got your belt of truth?(I've got that)
The breastplate of righteousness?(I've got that)
On your feet put the gospel of peace(I've got that)
Hold up the shield of faith(I've got that)
Put on the helmet of salvation(I've got that)
Lift high the sword of the spirit(I've got that)
Now you're wearing the Armour of God
'Cause we're a part of the army now

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