miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

I SEE YOU - Michael W. Smith

Lord, you're leading me
with a cloud by day
and then in the night
the glow of a burning flame
And everywhere i go i see you
everywhere i go i see you
And you take my hand
and you wash it clean
i know the promised land
is light years ahead of me
And everywhere i go i see you
everywhere i go i see you
And the eagle flies
and the rivers run
i look through the night
i can see the risin' sun
And everywhere i go i see you
everywhere i go i see you
Well, the grass will die
and the flowers fall
but your word's alive
will be after all
And everywhere i go i see you
everywhere i go i see you

I MISS THE WAY - Michael W. Smith

Once a true believer
once there was a fire in your soul
you were the epitome of blessed faith astir
with thirst for holiness
and hunger for the word
now you move in other circles
to the beat of different drums
and i see only glimpses of the one you used to be
the inspiration that you were to me


I miss the way his love would dance within your eyes
i miss the way his heart was the soul of your life
and somewhere in the saddest part of heaven's room
our father sheds a tear for you
he's missing you, too
Some are calling you a prodigal
some aren't calling you at all
but far away someone is calling you back home
do you hear it anymore out there on your own
Once a true believer...

I KNOW YOUR NAME - Michael W. Smith

Who is the you that no one else can see
in your heart, a lonely one afraid to be
lost again, need a friend
You hide your soul to keep the hurt inside
all alone, your tears call out into the night
is he there, does he care


Yes, i know your name
every prayer you pray
i'm the one who brought you to this place
the voice who sings to you
the hand that clings to you
oh my child, i've always known your name... known your name
I hold you close to me, close to heart
and this kind of love will find you anywhere you are
never fear, i am here

I HEAR LEESHA - Michael W. Smith

Seems like it was only yesterday
she was living here
yea, she was living here
lord knows why he's taken her away
it isn't very clear, no it isn't very clear
into every life a little rain must fall
and losing one you love is like a storm
but storms are passing


I hear leesha
singing in heaven tonight
and in between the sadness
i hear leesha
telling me that she's alright
life goes on even after life
that's what i believe
yea, that's what i believe
leesha's gone, but she will still survive
in a memory that i'm keeping here with me
silencing the voice of mortal tragedy
listening to whispers of the soul
all is peaceful

I GIVE YOU MY HEART - Michael W. Smith

This is my desire
to honor you
lord with all my heart
i worship you
all i have within me
i give you praise
all that i adore is in you
Lord, i give you my heart
i give you my soul
i live for you alone
every breath i take
every moment i'm awake
lord, have your way in me
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