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LIVE AND LEARN - Michael W. Smith

Never should have tasted that forbidden fruit
tell me why do i always do
what i don't want to do
now, i'm the only reaper of the seeds that i sow
and when i walk the field of my stubborn will
it's a hard row to hoe
there's a price for getting smarter
so i pay what i owe
while bridges burn
let the shadow fall behind me
i am wiser i know
we live and learn
always living and learning
always living and learning
is it out of the fire, back in to the pan
is once enough to let it all sink in-or will i do it again
a time for understanding has now come of age
so i heed the word of the counselor and the voice of the sage
try to see the meaning
read between every line
when pages turn
there'll be no room for explaining what has been well-defined
we live and learn
always living and learning
always living and learning
An engaging temptation had me doing time
'cause when it starts a fire under strong desire
we are partners in crime
but hindsight is clearer
i can where i've gone and never return
it's a new man in the mirror
it's a new freedom song to live and learn
always living and learning
always living and learning

LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY - Michael W. Smith

I'm looking at you, old friend of mine
there's no use pretending that everything's fine
now don't be so brave, don't be so proud
i want you to know that i'm here for you now
I can see you hurting and it's hurting me
it doesn't have to be this way...

(somebody gonna hold your head up)
if you let me hold you closer
(somebody gonna show you the light)
let me know you
(somebody gonna hold your head up)
let me show you the way
(somebody gonna see you right)
I'm feeling for you, feeling so much
when this heart is big enough for the both of us
i'll give you my love if you give me your pain
i'll hold it inside of me 'till you're stronger again
Well, i hate seeing you so far away
when not a word can say it enough...

I'll be your rock for this day
when i hear you calling out my name
'cause i know you'd only do the same for me

LET IT RAIN (ESPAÑOL) - Michael W. Smith

Deja que llueva, deja que llueva
abre las compuertas del cielo

El Señor reina, dejen que la tierra se alegre,
dejen que las costas lejanas se regocijen
las nubes y una profunda oscuridad lo rodean
La rectitud y la justicia son los fundamentos de Su Trono
Un fuego va delante de Él y consume a Sus enemigos a cada lado
Su relámpago ilumina el mundo

La tierra ve y tiembla
Las montañas se derriten como cera delante del Señor
Delante del Señor de toda la tierra
Los Cielos proclaman Su rectitud
Y todas las personas verán Su Gloria
Queremos ver Tu Gloria Señor!!!!
Querés ver Su Gloria
Levanten sus voces, levanten sus manos

Deja que llueva, deja que llueva
Abre las compuertas del cielo

LET IT RAIN - Michael W. Smith

Let it rain, let it rain.
open the floodgates of heaven
The lord reigns, let the earth be glad
let the distance shores rejoice
clouds and thick darkness surround him
righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne
a fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side
his lightning lights up the world
the earth sees and trembles
the mountains melt like wax before the lord
before the lord of all the earth
the heavens proclaim his righteousness
and all peoples will see his glory
We want to see your glory, god!
do you want to see his glory?
lift your voices, lift your hands!
Let it rain, let it rain.
open the floodgates of heaven

IN MY ARMS AGAIN - Michael W. Smith

I really wanna see you
i really wanna touch you
if only i could hold you in my arms again
i really wanna reach you
forever to be with you
if only i could hold you in my arms again
It was written in the stars
on the pages of my heart
oh, that someday i would find
the love i feel for you tonight
On the ocean of our dreams
like a prayer you came to me
and the longing that had been
found its ending in your eyes
and i am missing you tonight

Across the waves, across the sea
separating you from me
here's a promise and it's mine
i will love you for all time
i'm wishing you were here tonight

I WILL CARRY YOU - Michael W. Smith

"we were never meant to walk this road alone. let's begin to stand in the gap for one another."
Sometimes i wonder if my beating heart has a reason
the thought of breathing only takes my breath away
i've spent so many nights wrestling with this feeling
do i have the strength to make it through the day
but i was never meant
to walk this road alone
i can always trust you
when you say
I will carry you
be your strength
and pull you through
reach for me
and take my hand
we will pray
and we will stand
in a world
crying out for peace
let your heart be strong
for when i am weak
you will carry me
Sometimes you wonder if the road you're on has a reason
it's hard to go on when you just don't know
we can shoulder all the weight of life between us
until the fear of what we cannot see is gone
'cause we were never meant
to walk this road alone
we are bound together
when we say...

I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND - Michael W. Smith

"thank you to all of my closest friends and comrades for being consistent and not giving up on me."
So many memories and so many miles
the road that stretches behind us
we've had some laughter and our share
of tears
but all these moments unite us
I'll be your friend for a lifetime
against the wind and the rain of every season
won't walk away in the hard times
i will be your friend
i'm saying i will be your friend
Sure as the river runs to the sea
high as the mountain that reaches
you were there by my side till the end
(and) helped me on my feet again
So in the valley walk on
don't have to face it alone
cause in the hard times
we keep growing strong
as we learn, as we live
that we live when we give

I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU - Michael W. Smith

When you feel the sunlight
fade into the cold night
don't know where to turn
i don't know where to turn
and all the dreams you're dreaming
seem to lose their meaning
let me in your world
baby, let me in your world
all you need is someone you can hold
don't be sad, you're not alone

I will be here for you
somewhere in the night
somewhere in the night
i'll shine a light for you
somewhere in the night
i'll be standing by
i will be here for you
In this world of strangers
of cold and friendly faces
someone you can trust
oh there's someone you can trust
i will be your shelter
i'll give you my shoulder
just reach out for my love
reach out for my love
call my name and my heart will hear
i will be there, there's nothing to fear


I saw you
and you saw me
and i didn't even know your name
just one look
that was all it took
and i knew i'd never be the same
if walkin' on air compares to what i feel
then how can i keep it sealed when...

I wanna tell the world
if the smile on my face
hasn't given me away already
i wanna tell the world
there ain't no way to hide it
your love has got me flyin' high
since the day
That you looked my way
i knew we were meant to be together
now i thank the lord
for a love like yours
'cause i know it's gonna last forever
it's hard to believe my dreams have all come true
and i'm so inlove with you that...


I just want the world to know
love has got me good to go
[i wanna tell the world, i wanna tell the world]
i have got to get it out
she is all i think about
[i wanna tell the world, i wanna tell the world]
it's something' that i need to say
love has overtaken me


"don't you ever forget that he has given us a future and a hope."
Said it's sad, said it was a shame
bet you thought i caught a boat to bombay
on the line just to let you know
i will be around
Underneath the bridge to nowhere
like i'm livin' out a game of solitaire
goin' up to a better day
i will be around
Hey world, it's me
i still have the heart, still have the dream
Come on, people
we've got to come together
it's you and me
hope will make us stronger
freedom it rings
do you hear it calling
reach out and touch
and love will take us higher
Somebody threw a brick at my vision
tried to sabotage my mission
either way, i believe
i will be around
I wanna know, people are you with me
open up your heart and just believe
take a step, let me hear you say
i will be around
Hey world, it's me
i still have the heart, still have the dream
For he knows the plans he has for you
a plan to prosper and not to harm you
to give you a future, and a hope

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