sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

LIVE THE LIFE - Michael W. Smith

We're passengers aboard the train
silent little lambs amidst the pain
that's no longer good enough
and when it's time to speak our faith
we use a language no one can explain
that's no longer good enough
And god knows it's a shame
as we look to pass the flame
we are not the worthy bearers of his name

For the world to know the truth
there can be no greater proof
than to live the life, live the life
there's no love that's quite as pure
there's no pain we can't endure
if we live the life, live the life
be a light for all to see
for every act of love will set you free
There's something beautiful and bold
the power of a million human souls
come together as one
and each in turn goes out to lead
another by his word, his love, his deed
now the circle is done
It all comes back to one
for it is he and he alone
who has lived the only perfect life we've known
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